Vamos for 9th!

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After a strong practice with Janko yesterday, Rafa took part in the draw ceremony at noon today :


And also managed to make an 18 year old very very happy πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Sara πŸ™‚

Practiced with Milos Raonic:

3 easy-peasy steps to the Monte Carlo Masters πŸ˜‰

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


See? It’s as simple as that πŸ˜€

Rafa also attended the Bacardi Champions Drink Responsibly Event in Monaco.

I think he is the only person living/dead who looks SOOOOO good in Pink πŸ˜‰ It looks like one of those really comfy Cashmere buttery tees one slips into. ( ok stopping my swooning now πŸ˜€ )But I guess, I won’t be able to order a drink if he was to be my potential bartender πŸ˜‰ ( the word potential always reminds me of the potential match-ups, once draws are released, and everybody scratches their heads and ponders over potential quarter final and semi finals clashes πŸ˜‰ )



893880_564537110246103_974579970_o 902052_564535716912909_1746563023_o


It was a glorious maΓ±ana. As glorious as can be, on a court, that practically juts into the beautiful mediterranean. Rafa practiced for 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!! today, and being the buena gente that he is, he did his rivals the courtesy πŸ˜‰ to post that on Twitter πŸ˜‰ I am just teasing, but Rafa did cheekily add the 2 hours at the end of the tweet πŸ˜€ Looks like someone is on fire already πŸ™‚ #Vamos



Speaking of the Draw…here are the “potential” clashes for Rafa en-route to the historic 9th πŸ˜€

2nd Round: The winner of Aussie’s Marinko Matosevic or compatriot Fernando Verdasco.
3rd Round: Β The winner of Brazil’s Thomaz Bellucci or Germany’s Philip Kohlschrieber
Quarters: Janko Tipsarevic ( one day the Serb could be cast on Miami Ink πŸ˜‰ Β or Baguette bread ( French) Gilles Simon
Semis: The newly minted world no.2 Andy Murray
Finals: Novak Djokovic or Delpo

I am excited to see Ernests Gulbis in Novak’s part of the draw. He’s so funny, they need to erect a statue in his honor at Madame Tussaud’s πŸ˜€ Β And people need to pay to see this Latvian cuckoo! He opens against John Isner ( Serve as big as the Empire State ) and could potentially play Novak, in the third round. The lefty half of the draw, is quite challenging with big clay courters like Juan Monaco, Tomas Berdych and Juan Martin Del Potro, on the same side of the subway map πŸ˜‰ . And not to forget Benneteau ( who upset Roger in straight sets ) and Jerzy Janowicz, who is an ATP find! Novak has to get through a tough section to “potentially” meet Rafa. Β Speaking of the right half, Baby Federer could meet Janko in the second round, and the first round between Spain’s Roberto Bautista-Agut ( who is surprisingly good) and France’s Gilles Simon, will be interesting to watch, as Agut has some very good shots in his arsenal. He played extremely well against Nole in Dubai, and created the same angles as Djokovic,accurate and unreturnable. He lacks playing experience, just like Gulbis lacks any mental fortitude. At one point Verdasco was considered the shadow of Rafa, as was evident in the 2009 Australian Open semis, but he quickly lost steam. Being a lefty and banking on past experience ( he did beat Rafa on the hated and banned blue clay last year) he could be difficult to put away, but overall he’s not scary in the sense, that his shots are very predictable unlike say a Delpo’s or Gulbis’s. Both gave Rafa such a hard time at Indian Wells, creating impossible shots out of thin air and making Rafa cover so much ground, by hitting crazy angles. The good news is that this is clay, which allows for sliding, and Rafa does have a pretty straight forward draw as compared to Novak. Rafa’s head to head with Tsonga is interesting. Not only has Rafa beat him on clay ( they have met only once), but he owns him on hard courts as well ( which is Rafa’s most hated surface). Tsonga did beat Rafa at the WTFs ’11, but Rafa has never won the WTFs, so Tsonga can’t be patted on the back for his effort back then, and Rafa did beat him in Miami last year. His head to head with NicoΒ Β is lopsided as Rafa owns Nico 9-0.Β KohlscrieberΒ Β did beat him in Halle last year,but Rafa has successfully defeated him in their last eight meetings. As far as the rest of the subway map is concerned, Rafa need not be worried, although I am a little worried about Andy 2.o. Historically, Andy has never even made a clay final, but with his new training blocks, re-booted body and Ivan Lendl and slam dunk status,my feathers are a bit ruffled. ( Ivan is scary expressionless, he always looks like the agent from Matrix who eerily calls Keanu Reeves: Mr. Anderson!)

Irrespective of outcome, πŸ˜€ they should remove this:

and replace it with this: πŸ˜‰


Speaking of the mini-tennis, in front of Hotel de Paris, it was a mini match between Novak and Andy. Novak looked relaxed and fit. And Andy was surprisingly smiley and just as relaxed. The mini tennis court was flanked by fans ( one fan asked Djokovic about Pierre…) and reporters alike, and here’s a snippet off Youtube:

This article drives home very interesting points, especially the one about the world no.1 trying to find an in, to derail the clay no.1. The world no.1 and 2 may be lost to Rafa and Roger, but as far as clay is concerned, it has been a Rafa-centric universe. This summer it’s not just about the ninth crown at Monte Carlo, but an eighth Barcelona title, 7th in Rome,3rd in Madrid/Hamburg, and a legendary 8th in Paris. Rafa’s eighth at Paris is very likely, despite his greatness plagued by self-doubt and a certain Serb, standing in his shadow, adamant to be the seventh man in the Open Era to complete a Career Slam. But Rafa has had enough of Β being on the sidelines, and while many speculated his return to form, irrespective of him not feeling 100%, he has had a stellar comeback- a man on a mission,hungry for more. Andy has big plans to go deep this year, but with clay not being his area of expertise and Wimbledon just around the corner, his body language should show where his “real” conviction lies. It’s a shame Roger and David will not contest at Monte Carlo. Roger rejoins the tour after a two month hiatus on the red stuff at Madrid. Thankfully, none of us have to put up with the hideous blue clay anymore, I mean what were the ATP thinking? That’s right..the ATP weren’t thinking, it requires a certain grey stuff 😐 Ferru is out with thigh injury and he hopes to rejoin the tour very very soon. What is with all the injuries plaguing the tour all of a sudden? And not just Tennis mind you…Kobe was badly injured during a Lakers game, and it looked painful 😦
The never ending debate is whether Rafa can become the greatest of all time? For me, he already is and I can’t see why he can’t bag two slams a year to inch closer to Roger’s 17. The rankings don’t matter and neither does the head to head ( he has a head to head advantage over MOST rivals). What really matters, is whether he can remain fit and healthy and kick the chronic tendinitis to the curb. Martina beat it, and so can he. Andy and Nole are both amazing, with their sheer athleticism and determination to hang in there till the very end, but there will not be another Rafael Nadal. πŸ™‚

Good luck Rafa πŸ™‚ La fe mueve montaΓ±as…
Rafael Nadal breaks a new record winning his seventh straight Monte Carlo Masters title



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Today, Rafa decided to take a day off from practice, to hang out with his friends, playing poker πŸ˜€

Here he is, enjoying the photoshop perfect backdrop of Mallorca,with his friends πŸ™‚

And then there was no stopping them!Like kids in candy land, they were getting ready for battle πŸ˜‰ The candy? 50 pushups for the loser, on the surface, the winner decides πŸ™‚

And after some witty bantering and friends pulling each other’s legs πŸ™‚ via social media…smart guys…Rafa won!!!!

And he chose to get his friend in shape with 50 PUSHUPS…. #cheekyRafa

A week to go for Monte Carlo….so here is a very smug tweet about Rafa’s clay dominance via @RafaelNadalfc ;D #VamosRafa

Good luck Rafa….you deserve all of this and more. Never lose that child like smile, the tenacity with which you practice and the way you completely let lose when you are with friends and family. Your demeanour and charm, everything is about you is so natural. Keep it up! And I hope that this clay season is a historic one for you πŸ™‚
Here’s some chocolate for you… πŸ˜‰ for winning your poker tournament πŸ˜‰


The Forehand Times VI

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Rafa Nadal, today, is the yardstick for measuring quality over quantity. In an overpopulated world, which will bend over backwards to survive, by mostly crook, Rafa is like that first blossom of spring buds, spreading the fragrance of goodness. As a Rafan, I am sure you have met him in his book-Charming, grounded, brought up , the way one should be brought up, he is the light at the end of the tunnel. Like there is hope for goodness. With each passing day, we have learnt to value the latest “in” thing, we value products over people, and we have lost the value of value, the value of selfless love and generosity and it is such an honor and pleasure to be a fan of the person that Rafa is. His tweets not only update us about his latest activity- be it tennis, or him hanging out with his friends and family. His boating trips in and around Manacor with his little cousins who adore him, his favorite pasta and gambas dish, which he cooks quite often ;D , but they also update us about his inclination toward sport in general, the teams that are playing well, he encourages his fellow Spanish players and congratulates those who win fairly. But most importantly, being part of such a bubble that is tennis, he does not forget the outside world. He is well informed about it. He encourages up and coming players, he is always courteous to the media and always praising his team and his mother who looks after the Rafa Nadal Foundation. And the best part about his upbringing is that he does not embody the persona of a superman, does not don the cloak of invincibility. After each practice, he sweeps the courts, making it ready for the next player. Whenever he is traveling, he makes sure that he smiles wide and genuine for the airport staff and the support staff of the tournament,who are eager to always pose with him πŸ˜€ And even allows ball kids to throw their arms around his shouldersΒ Β .And not to forget, his gracious reception of fans, after each match and each practice. After winning Indian Wells, Rafa even stayed back for an hour, signing for all his fans. And now that the clay season is upon us, with each passing day, his training intensifies, and even after two hours out in the blistering sun, he makes time for his fans.
By now, you must be wondering, that why the sudden burst of love for Rafa? well, for those, who are reading my blog for the first time, there is nothing sudden here. It has been a process, that evolves every year, and that has evolved since 2005. The first thing that attracts us to an athlete, is his physical appearance, and how “hot” he is. But with Rafa, the first thing ( apart from his glorious behind πŸ˜‰ ) that struck me, was his complete paradigm shift of character, on and off court. A feral warrior juxtaposed with the simple and humble guy that he is, off court. Someone, who fights so hard, comes back time and again from the brink of loss, juxtaposed with the guy who loves the sand and the beach. Sure he is a gemini, but I know a lot of geminis, and none of them are as black and white as he is. How he flies commercial, when he can get away with pushing his sponsors to arrange private. How he rents a house for his whole team during Wimbledon. The amount of respect he has for fellow players. The list goes on and on πŸ˜€
A couple of hours back, he updated his twitter, with this tweet, praising the fighting spirit of a 14 year old Korean junior tennis player, who fights everyday to survive, to play, despite the fact that he was born deaf. A shout out to Lee Duck Hee #champ πŸ™‚ who reached the second round of Australian Open juniors πŸ™‚

Another tweet, encouraging the Spanish Basketball team #Vamos πŸ™‚

Practicing in Manacor. #topspin #forehand πŸ™‚

More good news on the knee front #VamosRafa πŸ˜€

Davis Cup πŸ™‚

And this slice of news, just off the toaster πŸ˜‰ , Rafa wants to put Manacor on the tennis map, find out how! πŸ™‚

Perfect Play

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It’s a reassuring afternoon of sameness. Same GMAT prep books, same study playlist on my iPod and the same summer sun, shining relentlessly, making it very difficult for me to study. And every now and then, as I write another mock essay and minimise the window, I am greeted with a smiley Rafa wallpaper. I have an idea! Let’s give Math a break, it needs it. See? I am so nice πŸ™‚
As I stare at Smiley Rafa ( trademark) amid the flurry of confetti, I am suddenly struck by a brilliant idea! French Open is just a month away ( technically, like I said giving math a rest)and I know the perfect script to promote Roland Garros. It involves Rafa ( shocker!), Nole, Andy and a certain Parisian institution- Laduree

For as far back as I can remember, I was a blessed tot, who was globe-trotting since the age of 2. No, my dad is not one half of Brangelina… Our mutual love for traveling, and eating, and drinking in the sights, and experiencing different cultures goes Β wayyyyy back! And as far as I can remember, Macaroons from Paris,sorry, macaroons from Laduree, was our ritual.


See….just thinking about Laduree…..makes my mouth water. Such a vampire I am πŸ˜‰

So anyways, I was imagining this perfect scenario, where 3 grown men, would behave like mushy teens all whipped when encountered with the lush cream filled laduree macaroons.It will be a nice juxtaposition of toughness and sweetness, and show their fans a softer more relatable side of them. And we all know Rafa’s weak spot for Nutella. Also,Maria did mention, that the ATP players were lapping up her Sugarpova candies,and the locker rooms were strewn with empty Sugarpova bags *boys*
So that gives me an idea…but more on that later πŸ™‚ For now, I am imagining Rafa inking a deal with Godiva and Nutella πŸ™‚ and the various reactions from fellow players πŸ™‚

Scene 1: Rafa is elected brand ambassador for Nutella and GodivaΒ 

(Somewhere in Switzerland)

Roger Federer, kicks back on a chaise chair, sipping white tea ( pinky finger pointing out) , browsing through the newspaper, when he sees that Rafa has been elected brand ambassador for Nutella and Godiva. Choking on his tea, he calls up his brand manager (BM).
RF: So…Rafa just inked a deal with Godiva ( non-readable expression on his face, tosses his crumpet aside)
BM: Yes Rog, I read. But you have Lindt’s ambassador-ship, so how does it matter ?
RF: It does matter…all classy brands approach me first…I am the RF ( adjusts his imaginary crown while adjusting his hair)
BM: ( rolling his eyes) Well…maybe they were looking for a player who kids could relate to, someone who loves to eat chocolate.But still encourages a healthy diet.
RF: I like chocolate ( remembers his Head to Head with Rafa and cringes)
BM: It’s not a tennis match Rog…there is no head to head here…
RF:IT DOES MATTER. I WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH GODIVA NOWWWW….( his twins look disapprovingly at Rog, calm down dad)
BM: I’ll call them for you, but don’t hold your breath ( click. end call)

(Manacor, Mallorca)
Rafa sitting at his breakfast table, with a box of Godiva truffles and a glass of hot milk. He is heaping the glass with tablespoons of Nutella, a child-like smile lighting up his eyes
Toni: ( glaring at him)
Benito: ( smiling into his napkin)
Rafael Maymo: Rafa, can you pass me some? ( eyeing Toni who is about to burst)
Rafa: hmmm…wot? ( licks his spoon, with his eyes closed)
Ana Maria: Rafa honey, that’s enough, your tummy will start aching, you have practice no?
Toni: NO NO I HAVE PRACTICE. HE HAS TO GO FISHING AND PARTEE-YING ( bangs his fist against the table and mutters something in Mallorci)
Sebastian: Keep Calm Toni, and Vamos Rafa πŸ™‚
Rafa: Thank you Dad πŸ™‚
Maribel: ( rushing down the stairs) Congrats big bro…two dream endorsements πŸ™‚ ( high-fives Rafa)
Rafa: You know what? I have to sit in baath tub of Nutella for daaa aad πŸ™‚ ( staring out at the perfect summer sky)
Maribel: Chocolate Spa, can I come next time? ( picks up a truffle and rushes out)
Toni: I can’t take this anymore. Benito, no more chocolate ads for Rafa, do you understand?
Benito: (smug smile) sure Toni, you are the boss of me
Toni: I would watch that tone if I were you Benito ( eyes about to pop out)
Benito: Well you can’t be me…so…. ( staring at Toni cooly) Calm down Toni, it’s just been a couple of days. Let it sink in and he will be back to eating Gambas in no time…(smirking)
Rafa: ( winking at Benito)
Toni: (pouts) well…I will be outside
(eyes Rafa beadily and huffs and leaves the house)

( London- Knightsbridge, Harrods)
2011 Australian Open - Day 7
Kim: Hey Andy, look it’s Rafa’s billboard for Godiva, boy he looks good πŸ™‚
Andy: ( Rafa fan himself) he’s almost unrecognisable in his chocolaty birthday suit ( pouts)
Kim: How can you miss that little shadow of his glorious behind? ( her blue eyes lighting up)
Andy: Didn’t you want that new Louis Vuitton honey? ( desperately trying to change the subject, remembers how Rafa has owned him , and cringes)
Kim: Ofcourse…Hey Babe, can you take a picture of me against Rafa’s billboard?
Andy: ( rubbing his eyes gingerly. Hasn’t been sleeping well at the thought of the clay season)Sure hun.. but the light’s not good from this angle, maybe we can come back and take the picture ( please Kim please)
Kim: Or maybe Ivan can take a picture of the two of us πŸ™‚ ( smiling at Ivan)
Ivan: ( all business in a Men in Black suit and dark glasses) I don’t approve of this. I am going home. ( stoic expression)
Kim: Hey look there is Laura ( Laura Robsen doing gangnam style in front of the billboard) Laura!!!
Laura Robsen: KIMMY! hey! Andy! Mr. Lendl ( tips imaginery cap to Ivan)
Andy: (smiles a pained smile. Not you too Laura) Hi.
Ivan: Ms. Robsen ( stoic expression)
Kim: Comeon lets ask the Fortnum & Mason guy over there to take a picture of us against Rafa’s billboard. Andy hold Maggie.
Laura: He looks good enough to eat…( winking at Andy) ( girls giggling)
Andy: ( exhausted) I am just going to sit over there. Come on Maggie…( Maggie looking up at Rafa’s billboard)
Andy: ( pounces on Maggie and picks her up before she starts cooing barking at Rafa)(cooing-barking, a new word.genius. πŸ˜‰ )
Ivan: Why am I here Andy? If you need to buy Ms. Sears a luxury handbag…how does that fit into my job description exactly?
Andy: I need you man….
Ivan: ( expressionless) I am flying to Monte Carlo this evening, I will see you whenever you are ready ( stalks off)
Andy: Don’t g…(sighs)

(Monaco, Monte Carlo)
Pierre Djokovic: ( bounds into the outdoor dining room with the day’s newspaper in his mouth)
Novak: What you got for me little man? ( smiling and patting Pierre, who shakes his tail vigorously) ( takes the roll of newspaper from his mouth and opens it)
Novak: ( putting aside his gluten-free cereal, his smile vanishes, as he comes face to face with not one but two Rafa ads) Marian just look at him….( flings the paper across to his coach)
Marian: Calm down Novak, they are just ads ( eyeing Rafa’s Nutella and Godiva ad with a calm expression on his face)
Novak: NO!!!! NO CALM. THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME HE COMES BACK!!! ( hurling his cereal into the pool)
Pierre: (dives into the pool to eat the bobbing gluten-free coco pops)
Jelena: ( walks out with her iPad laughing at something) Nole baby….have you seen Rafa’s Pokerstar ad? He loses to a pillow-fighter…( looks at the mess and stops short) WHAT THE HELL????
Novak: Just look at this ( hands over the newspaper to Jelena, with a pained expression)
Jelena: Wow, he looks good….he’s so handsome even when he is covered in Nutella. Hey Nole, you guys are friends right? Can you ask him to get me a year’s supply of Nutella and Godiva, for my BIRTHDAY ( glaring at Nole)
Novak: But your birthday is…TODAY…I f…..
Jelena: Thank you for forgetting. I am going with Djordje to a gaming arcade, atleast SOMEONE remembers my birthday ( flinging the newspaper at Nole) You sit here obsessing over Rafa… ( door bell rings) that must be Djordje…
(opens door and comes face to face with a DHL delivery guy)
Jelena: Yes? Can I help you? ( smiling and hoping it’s a gift from Nole)
DHL Guy: Hi Mam! Happy Birthday! I have a parcel for you. Can you give me a hand. Its quite heavy.
(Djordje strolls in) Hi Jele.. Happy Birthday sis…can we go? Hey what’s that? ( points at the giant DHL box)
Jelena: my birthday gift…lets open Djole ( claps her hand excitedly)
( Opens the box to find it filled with boxes of Godiva and Nutella)Yay!!!! Hey look there is a letter…. ( reads letter and jumps up and down) It’s from Rafa….he is such a sweetheart. It says here that I am new brand ambassador and I want to send all my friends and their con familia con amigos my thanks for all the support for the last seven months. And Happy Birthday Jelena!!! awwwwwwww……. Nole get in here
Novak: ( not happy with the letter) well….( calls up Benito)
Benito: Nole Nole Nole ( smiling on the phone) how are you men?
Novak: I am not fine MEN….why is Rafa sending me a carton of chocolates?. And how does he know Jele’s birthday?
Benito: Because he is so grateful to get a new life Nole…he’s grateful to his friends…and you and Andy and Roger are his friends even if you don’t consider him your friend… ( smile vanishing. Team Rafa all the way)
Novak: And how do you explain him knowing Jele’s birthday?
Benito: Because he and you share me as a manager remember? I told him. Why do you sound like a jealous boyfriend Nole? Rafa only has eyes for Mary… ( getting angrier by the minute)
Novak: (deflated) Well say thank you to him..
Benito: Call him yourself…for a skinny guy you sure have an over-weight ego…( shakes his head and hangs up)

(Manacor, Mallorca)
Benito: ( laughs) Rafa you are a genius. I knew Novak was temperamental but this is too good….I love this new strategy of yours…killing them softly….hahahha
Rafa: ( smiling) Who else are we sending out boxes to? Roger called. Andy texted.
Benito: Tomas Berdych and Juan Martin
Rafa: I will never play a prank on Juan Martin, he’s a brother from another mother.
Benito: Then send one to…
Rafa: the ATP…yes!yes! thanking them for the new 25 second rule ( shaking his head with eyes closed and eyebrows raised)
Benito: your sense of humor has evolved Rafa…I am proud papi Β πŸ™‚ ( high fives Rafa)
Toni: ENNOUGH! BREAKS OVER RAFA….( standing with his hands crossed over his chest)
Benito: Chillax man… Rafa I am sending the box right away ( winks and gets up to call courier service)
Toni: CHEEL AAX? wot is that?
Rafa: It’s when you need to lie down in an ice bath to relax your mind ( smirking)
Rafa: ( sharing a look with Toni and Rafael Maymo) neither will I. Lets do this. #VAMOS!!!!!!!!! ( heads on to court, with a steely glint of determination in his eyes)

Scene 2: Promotion of Roland Garros and Laduree tv spot

So Rafa wins everything on Clay, and is back to no.2. After Rome, he gets a call from Laduree that they have received an anonymous ( from me πŸ™‚ ) email about a tv spot, involving the top 3 players to promote Laduree and Roland Garros.

Rafa: Yes sounds good Mr. Pinault! Have the others agreed to do?
Laduree Chairman: Yes of course. They think the ad is a great idea and the ATP has also approved.
Rafa: *snorts* I hope the ad is not 25 seconds long?
Benito & Rafael Maymo: ( chortling into their breakfast)
Toni: ( shaking his head and laughing humourlessly)
Laduree Chairman: nice one Rafa…no-no. It’s a 40 second ad. And I have emailed you the story.
Rafa: So you said someone sent you email about this idea for ad? ( confused expression)
Laduree Chairman: Yes. I think she is your no.1 fan πŸ™‚ and she didn’t write her name but I know it’s a she.
Rafa: Houuu?
Laduree Chairman: She wanted you in the ad. and she described the whole setting. and how you should be the main focus and what we should make you wear etc
Rafa: wow. I would love to meet her πŸ™‚ Yes. Yes. I have just received your email…faantaateec idea. So when do we have to come? ( smiling at the thought of eating more sweets)
Laduree Chairman: well…Andy and Nole are landing day after…
Rafa: I will come tomorrow. I need to get more knowledge about the ad. See you Sir, and thank you πŸ™‚
Laduree Chairman: Its Francois Rafa… please don’t embarrass me! Should I send you a chartered plane?
Rafa: No-no. I will fly commercial. Yes. Please send me the location details and my itinerary. Vamos! Thank you πŸ™‚ (call ends)
Benito: Wow Rafa….your fan base is…
Rafa: They are amazing ( smiles) and I want to thank this girl whoever she is… Let me write something for her on Twitter ( opens his macbook)
Toni: So where is the ad? and what is the ad? ( interested suddenly)
Rafa: Here it is….you are also in it( handing Toni a print out, who blushes)

( Andy, Nole and their teams on-board the private jet, flying to Paris)
(Kim and Jelena air-kissing. Rusty and Maggie, chasing Pierre around the cabin. Ivan complaining to Marian about Rafa, suited up Men in Black style. The other team members, playing poker on pokerstars)
Andy: I don’t like macaroons ( sallow expression)
Kim: have you even eaten them to not like them?
Andy: ya the round things…
Kim: The round thing you ate was a rum ball not a macaroon ( exasperated expression)
Novak: what is a macaroon? ( Jelena smacking his head with Paris Vogue) ( Kim giggling)
Andy: I guess we will find out…I have a sugar rush with the amount of chocolates I ate…
Novak: Oh so Rafa sent you a box as well? ( shaking his head and pouting)
Andy: He sent you? ( sad) I thought he only sent me!
Novak: he sent everybody…looks like he visited the Dalai Lama…
Andy: Comeon…he’s a nice guy…why do you have to bring tennis into everything…
Novak: Calm Down…man…how do you tolerate this Czech guy yelling at you all day..
Andy: I needed an uncle Toni…this guy is the best available option ( sinking into the cushy seat, patting Rusty)
Novak: maybe the ad will be fun…lets not talk about Rafa anymore…Too much publicity
(both laugh) Andy: lets play Scrabble. I know I will win at this πŸ™‚
Novak: ( shaking his head with a bemused expression)lets…

Scene 3 : The Ad

The ad is supposed to be shot in the locker room at Roland Garros. a truck-full of macaroons have arrived and are being placed in the lockers. Andy, Nole and their teams walk in.
Andy:( asking the director) where’s Rafa?
Director: He’s taking a cold shower to get into character
Nole: (Rolling his eyes)
Rafa: You guys are here…. ( hugging both)
Nole: ( feeling guilty) uh…Hi Rafa…thank you man for the chocolates. Your knee looks good πŸ™‚
Rafa: lets not talk about the knee Β Nole, and focus on winning this ad..
Director: ( in love with Rafa) spoken like a true champion Rafa…Comeon guys walk into your tents for makeup and wardrobe…

(Set’s ready. The coaches are ready,everybody waiting for the guys to take position. ) πŸ˜‰
Rafa enters the locker room, after practice, all sweaty ( πŸ™‚ ) and heads toward his locker. Dumping his bag on the floor, he steps out of his shoes and takes off his shirt ( a bright nike practice kit ). Wiping his face, he opens his locker, only to be drowned in and pelted by Laduree macaroons.
Rafa: what the… ( climbing out of the sea of macaroons) (wipes the cream off his eyes and picks out pieces of crumbled macaroons from behind him, by adjusting his wedgie) πŸ˜‰
Rafa: ( sniffs the half broken macaroon) ooh smells gooood….(takes a bite) hmmmmm…( collapses on to the heap with his eyes closed)
( Toni walks in, and stops dead in his tracks)
Toni: RAFAEL NADAL!!!!!! Què dimonis estàs fent?
Andy: ( just comes out of the shower, in a towel) why is Toni shouting?
Ivan: Rafael must have done something wrong. ( In a men in black suit and dark glasses and expressionless)
Andy: (pops his head into Rafa’a area) Oh man….how come you don’t have diabetes…. ( shaking his head at an un-affected Rafa, who is rolling in Laduree goodness)
Ivan: ( watching Rafa from behind his dark glasses, with an unreadable expression)Come on Andy…we have to get atleast 32 pieces of Sushi down you… ( Andy walks out and Ivan leaves staring at Rafa who is downing his 15th macaroon)
Novak: (heading out into the red dirt for his first practice. Chatting animatedly with his team when he stops to see Rafa’s locker slightly ajar)
Novak: Why is Rafa’s locker open? What did he stuff it with this time? (smirking) more Quely bags?
Marian: that’s none of your business Nole…lets go…( calm expression)
Novak: No NO let me see…
(walks toward the locker, and tries to close the locker, but it does not budge. So he opens it only to be pelted with laduree macaroons!!!!!
Marian: ( smacks his head with his hand muttering to himself in Serbian)
Andy: ( walks in with Ivan after a succussful training drill on clay) ( stops dead in his tracks) Nole!!!! NOT YOU TOOO..
Novak: ( drowning in Laduree goodness) Andy come here try this… ( picking out a pistachio macaroon)
Ivan: HOW DARE YOU GIVE MY CHARGE FATTY SUBSTANCES? ( expressionless behind his dark glasses)
Novak: Broken re-re-record Ivan-nn-nn Β ( sing – song voice. Whipped by Laduree)
Andy : (grins)
Rafa : ( walks in) Why ees every body in my locker area? Nole…. ( doubles over laughing) hey give me some too…. ( Toni pacing)
Novak: You know Rafa, I love and hate you…you are so nice to me…I am…( voice slurring)
Rafa: give me chocolate and pistachio ( high fives Nole)
( Marian and Toni look at each other and shrug)
Andy: let me see what all this fuss is all about? Hey Nole..pass me one man
Andy: You don’t scare me… this is ( biting into the macaroon) alien goodness….hmmmmm…..Rafa where did you get this
Rafa: ( answers with eyes closed) Laduree. They make the best macaroons in Paris. They must get us some for the players party…. ( smiles at Andy)
( All 3 collapse in the slush of macaroons. Their coaches looking on in disapproval.)
Andy and Nole: I agree… ( in unison)
( Justin Gimelstob comes into the locker room. guest star) Here we have the most anticipated climax of the upcoming Rola….( stops short at the whipped teens)
JG: Well…looks like even boys wanna have fun… Rafa as defending champion what do you have to say…
Rafa: Yes, I am 100% now. And I haf gooood Β chance against em ( Andy and Nole snoring face down in a puddle of macaroons). I haf to thaank all my fans for huge sooporting me. You make me feel like a home ( licks his fingers and takes mike from JG) and I am haaappy for all daaaaa clay sea son success. See you at Roland Garros…and come weeth your Laduree boxes, and I weell sign daaa boxes and take daaaaa macaroons. Thank you everybodyguys πŸ™‚
JG: That’s one juicy byte from the men’s locker room. I am Justin Gimelstob, reporting from the beautiful city of Paris, hoping to see these players tearing into each other soon.
( Ad ends)
( The guys take to acting like fish to water. They wrap up the ad in 4 takes.)

So I hope all of you enjoyed my crazy play πŸ™‚ ..hope to write some tennis posts once Rafa flies to Monte Carlo. Here is a twitter update πŸ™‚

Vamos Rafa πŸ™‚

Tweeted a minute ago : ( 05/04/13)

4,000,406 & Counting…

March 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Rafa becomes the most popular tennis player, with 4 million followers on Twitter πŸ™‚

PS: Since Rafa’s smile is as precious as he is….here are a couple of amazing pictures of Rafa and his smile πŸ™‚


ATP Masters Series Monte Carlo - Day Two blue-Rafa-and-his-best-smile-rafael-nadal-31167985-1286-1024 rafa_nadal_cooler Tennis: BNP Paribas Open-Del Potro vs Nadal

Happy 9th :)

March 28, 2013 § 2 Comments

We need a flamethrower to light up your candles Fedal πŸ™‚ Thankyou for nine glorious years.Thankyou for making us fall in love with tennis, fall in love with you two πŸ™‚

Age hasn’t spoilt you πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday πŸ™‚


Where are the balloons? ……. oh here they are πŸ˜‰


What’s next? Β πŸ˜‰



followed by doughnuts and cupcakes πŸ™‚ It’s Fedal’s birthday people!!!!
The 28 grand slams between them, demand excess consumption of calories πŸ˜‰

2a1a490ffb126c5a93e4961100e0043a d74f59c290e01b6fae738cd58a943c27

Birthday song πŸ™‚


For years you have given us the gift of passion, motivation and will to believe that we can touch the sky πŸ™‚


I love you Fedal! But Rafa you are my favorite πŸ™‚ You inspire me everyday. Your fiery passion, humility, upbringing, iron clad will, that raw motivation and never die attitude are all great qualities to aspire to. Thank you for inspiring a generation. What a comeback!

Lindor for Rog:
Lindt Lindor Truffles 2

Nutella for Rafa πŸ™‚


Have a great 2013 Fedal…. Β Just dying for another 2008 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

federer-nadal wimbledon2008

More Tennis Talk

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First I had to share this funny interview of Roger’s, where he actually says that he HAS better hair than Rafa πŸ˜‰ which is very funny πŸ™‚ Despite being biased towards Rafa, I have to agree with Roger here. His hair looks like it’s been coifed by Lindor. πŸ™‚

News from Mallorca: Rafa is such a patriotic football fan: digging the casual wild haired look πŸ™‚

Toni Nadal gave an interview to IB3 about Rafa’s latest developments on the 22nd of March. He truly believes that it’s going to be very difficult to win everything on clay, but nothing is impossible. But he is positive about the direction Rafa’s recovery has taken, and says that everything is fine, and they will try their very best to be at a 100% for the European Clay Season:


Published onΒ Mar 22, 2013

Tony says that Rafa had a little complicated return in Chile but it was better little by little,that now he wants to start training for the clay season.
The reporter mentions that Rafa said yesterday that he will rest a little and go back to train,is is going to be somehow different his trainings from how it was before he left to America?
TONI says:that they will have a few arrangements because the doctor said so
The reporters asks him if he thinks that some of the results he had last year could be repeated this year?
Toni says:it will be a little complicated but they will try
He says it is difficult for a person to achieve all the tournaments like Montecarlo,Barcelona,RG,Madrid the same year like Rafa has done it but we have to keep being positive and nothing is impossible,sounds complicated but we`ll see
He says the doctors say he is ok,he still have some pain but nothing very strong and he expects him to be fully or mostly recovered for the clay season
Reporter asks him abt his interview abt Rochus
Toni says he gave that interview and what he said he said it and he has nothing else to add,he says Rochus was already known in the circuit for being that way,he had said incorrect things abt Rafa
And Rafa has never done anything of the things he is accused of by him
And I cannot support that kind of behaviour where with words u affet other people,so I can just say what i said I said it and I keep thinking the same way abt him…

Translation by Ericka Domenzzain via FB VamΓ΄s Rafael Nadal

News from Key Biscayne:

Novak lost to Tommy Haas 6-2, 6-4. Although the ATP is ripe with adjectives like Haas “stuns” Novak, I feel that there is nothing stunning in his loss to Haas. Haas mentions here:Β that Novak was constantly giving him “looks”. Now we all know how Nole gets when he starts losing. First comes the racquet breaking and then the “looks” he exchanges with his opponents. Just goes to show, how strongly he believes in his invincibility. Both Andy and Nole, share this temperamental drawback, but somehow Nole has managed to overcome this, but is still incapable of playing with a calm head. When he lost to Delpo last week, you could see that he was completely on edge. When he started losing points to Delpo on his own serve, he started flinging his racquet ( not quite smashing it ). And Nolefam can’t argue by saying that he is fiercely competitive. The one WHO is fierce is Rafa. His brand of fire, and his iron clad will, impacts his game positively. He keeps a cool head, even when he is losing and fights back, with every fibre of his body. The most recent example would be from Indian Wells, when he was a set and break down, and came from behind to create Masters history.
Now that Nole is out of the way, I hope Andy can keep it together for 3 more matches and win Miami. If he loses in Miami, after all his threats have been neutralised, then I guess his fans have to reevaluate their fandom. And Ivan Lendl has to go back to his drawing board. I sincerely hope he comes through though πŸ™‚

Time traveling back to Mallorca: πŸ™‚

After some R&R:
Rafa is back on the practice courts: πŸ™‚

19 days to go…….. #Vamos Rafa πŸ™‚

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