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As usual 3 of the Big 4 are on the same side of the draw, whereas Novak gets a free pass to the final. But for a change Rafa’s is a fairly balanced draw except for a tough opening round opponent. But even then, its not a surprise but a tour veteran hes played 16 times. As the bottom half plays on Monday, Rafa’s third on Rod Laver Arena of the morning session.
Yesterday, Rafa along with

Caroline Wozniacki played rooftop tennis at the Crown Towers for a Babolat commitment for his new racquet called the Aeropro Play which records the match play and pretty much analyses the shots and the impact zone etc like the IBM Logistics.

Rooftop selfie for @rafael_nadal_ and @carowozniacki 📷👫🎾 #AusOpen

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Rafa has a new sponsor in Dekton by Consentino offering indoor and outdoor surface solutions, as they are a part of his Rafa Nadal Academy.

As part of the promotion for Babolat Aeropro Play, a new commercial featuring Rafa pre connected and Rafa post connected was released and he’s beyond adorable here.

Rafa’s press conference was held today and here are a few pictures from Getty Sport, the press transcript and the video. He seems relaxed and motivated to finish strong as always and its great to see him in such good spirits.

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Rafa Update

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Hi Rafans. Sorry for the late updates, but when Rafa’s not around, I cant will myself to post anything. Over the past few months, its been a roller coaster of Rafa coming back, the debacle with the election of Gala Leon, Rafa diagnosed with Appendicitis and having his operation, him undergoing stem cell treatment for his back, the back lash of false accusations,Rafa winning the London EPT in Poker and donating $25000 to his charity,and finally today, him laying down the foundation for his dream project – the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca.

After Rafa was diagnosed with Appendicitis, he consulted with his doctors back home whether he could continue playing, and since the Appendicitis was caught on the very onset, Rafa was allowed to go ahead with his schedule after strong intravenous anti biotic injections, because there was no immediate threat of the Appendicitis bursting and becoming life threatening. If Rafans recall, despite him winning 4 titles this year, Rafa hasnt been the same player he was before the finals of Australia, and this was confirmed in press, after his first match in Shanghai. he pulled the plug on his season, and said that his back has hampered his game, his serve and his season and because he cannot avoid the surgery for Appendicitis, it was the right time to heal properly and call it a day. He officially withdrew from Paris and The World Tour Finals to begin the recovery process.
Many Rafans questioned his decision to play on, and at the moment I was battling conflicting feelings- I was touched by everyones concern but at the same time so mad because Rafa is not stupid- he won’t jeopardise his life to play tennis.And his advisers are more qualified than us and if they gave him a green signal I was on board, even if he could only play one match.

This is him going into the operating room, all smiles (his positivity gets me in my feels) https://twitter.com/RafaelNadal/status/526049827898277888

The Operation went great (knocks on wood) https://twitter.com/RafaelNadal/status/529352764451995648 and he was released in 48 hours and he flew straight back to Mallorca after answering questions for the media who were waiting for his release right outside Teknon Medical Center. Rafa was operated on by Dr. Segura Movellan, one of Europe’s and Spain’s pioneer’s in keyhole surgery.

After his surgery, he flew back to Manacor, and posted this: https://twitter.com/RafaelNadal/status/530342272731447296 and had to fly down to London during the World Tour Finals for his ATP commitments: https://twitter.com/RafaelNadal/status/532917142497550336

I will be posting all the relevant links below, as Rafa gave some very nice interviews during this period. He also touched upon the mindless accusations of sexism against his uncle regarding the captaincy of Gala Leon for Davis Cup. In a nutshell, Gala Leon is a bureaucrat with a desk job with no prior experience in captaincy or coaching a relevant player, she basically appointed herself DC captain, when there were many experienced ex players with experience who could have filled the spot had there been a customary player-Spanish Federation meet. So Toni told the press that a) women won’t be allowed into the changing rooms per ATP rules  b) she is not qualified to be captain and c) Had Amelie Mauresmo been named Davis Cup Captain for Great Britain he would not object to the appointment because she is an ex player who was prominent in her time and also because she’s been on the tour and has the experience with coaching a top athlete (Andy Murray). He also speaks highly of Judy Murray.
The media took his interview and purposely soiled his intention and presented it as sexist. One of the key persons in doing so, was a Swiss journalist (@artincircles) who has time and again questioned Rafa’s integrity. And Spanish as we know, is a multi diction language- where one word has different intentions of use in different parts of Spain. If Toni was sexist he would not have been comfortable with the appointment of Amelie Mauresmo as a hypothetical Davis Cup Captain, whose a woman. The media will stoop to all kinds of low, to tarnish Rafas name and his family’s. When Rafa was asked about this, he very clearly stated that the President of the Spanish Federation and Gala had the authority to self elect which wasn’t the problem, the problem was what transpired in press. The first words that came out of her mouth was “I won’t apologise for being a woman”, when noone asked her, which clearly shows her intention of playing the victim card for personal gain. She falsely accused players and Toni of false machismo and instead of having a productive meeting to talk about what her plans were as a Captain in 2015, she fuelled the a popular sentiment of sexism. But he has the maximum respect for her.
I also read that Gala lied in press that she’s met all the players when she hasn’t even taken the time out to speak to them on the phone.
Toni also announced that Rafa was to undergo stem cell treatment for the back and should things go as normal, he could be back by December practicing at 100%. I will also link the entire treatment details (my research) and what exactly happened to his spine below.
He next flew back to London and won the poker tournament vs Ronaldo at a charity EPT in the Hippodrome Casino.

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Article and video links:


Had an argument on a Rafa bashing site explaining what Stem cell treatment really is:
“For those who don’t know, stem cells are drawn from the bone marrow from under the hip bone, using a large and thick injection. its an immensely painful procedure because the thick needle has to puncture through the hip bone to get to the bone marrow, and no there is no anaesthesia involved. The cells are then spun in a centrifugal chamber at high speed which separates platelet rich plasmas and blood and then these stem cells are reintroduced into the injured site which help to fix the degeneration by speeding growth of new tissue. This is sort of like PRP that Rafa does for his knee but Stem Cell treatment/transplant is more medically advanced with radical results and there is no side effect because your own cells are helping you and there is no foreign particles going in. If everything goes as planned in terms of treatment and recuperation he will be back training at 100% in 5 weeks.”
How is it different from Doping?:
“Blood Doping is banned because it is wrong to enhance your position on court of whichever sport while the other guy is outmatched not because of your skill but because of your super strength hence it is illegal and banned. In simple words its cheating. And blood doping works with host blood more often mixed with the athlete’s blood (obviously the blood type has to match) because it adds a literal boost to the immune system.

Stem Cells are primitive cells that can be used to grow anything but it has a higher content of platelet because platelets are your body’s natural healers and that is separated from the yellowish bone marrow and blood plasma that assists in re growth of muscle or connective tissue.

The tissue is not being increased, they are repairing what has been worn out or in Rafas case (per ESPN’s interview with Dr. Cotorro) the joint of the spine. He is a very strong player and always has been so if you are born with a certain body type the strength will always come back. The fact that he has had so many comebacks after career threatening injuries and hes come back better than before you’ve got to understand that his muscles, tissues, bones have more flexibility and have a tendency to repair faster. Like in common daily life, some people eat junk food and are fat and some people are stick thin despite their food habits, because their BMI or Body Mass Index is higher. Same thing for the gym, younger people lose weight faster than older people so everything varies from body to body. Similarly for Rafa, these procedures work because he knows his body can handle it he knows that if he is willing to risk new treatments and endure his body will listen, because his body is in tune with his mind. I give credit to his family and Toni for tuning  his mind as a kid the right way: to enjoy the suffering and with the philosophy of mind over matter and what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, because if you read doctor reports of say 10 years they don’t specify oh this person has this disease for this reason or a 25 year old had a heart attack for this reason- they simply say modern times have made it impossible to put a finger on one problem. Nothing is black or white and that every disease has become a lifestyle related disease.”

More explanations:

Rafas back problems explained:



Translated the most recent article: http://www.elmundo.es/deportes/2014/11/22/546f9896ca474117288b457c.html



Sick of people accusing Rafa of doping and not trusting his intentions, its the second time in two weeks that hes been asked to give an explanation on his treatments.
Anyways moving on…..

The Founding Day of the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy (24/11/14)

Rafa’s physio Rafael Maymo has been ranked the second best physio in all sport

The Mubadala Tennis Championships released the draw :)) 2015 already looking bright and positive

Thats all for now folks!!!! Heres a fun article on Rafas favourite Quely biscuit: http://inmyshoestravel.com/quely/

Vamos Rafa 😀

Rafa in Argentina

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Sweet Sixteen

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Tennis: U.S. Open-Nadal vs Harrison Tennis: U.S. Open-Nadal vs Harrison Tennis: U.S. Open-Nadal vs Harrison Tennis: U.S. Open-Nadal vs Harrison Tennis: U.S. Open-Nadal vs Harrison Tennis: U.S. Open-Nadal vs Harrison Tennis: U.S. Open-Nadal vs Harrison
The USO is here people! and so is Red Hot Rafa! The summer of Rafa continues in splendid fashion, as he asserted his supreme self on 21 year old Texan, Ryan Harrison: 6-4, 6-2, 6-2. The first set was a tight affair, with both men hitting the ball as hard as they could, but Rafa broke Ryan very crucially, and worked his way up, by staying one game ahead. The second and third, was Rafa typically steamrolling the kid, who rose to the occasion, and matched Rafa stroke to stroke and even won points in extended rallies! Ryan has a very solid return game and Rafa was struggling with his serve a bit, with those huge five double faults and tight 30-40 40-40 games, but he held comfortably, and only faced break points twice!
Rafa also twerked the net today winning a superb 87% net points and looked like a man on a mission from the start, finishing the match in just over 2 hours. Overall, he wasn’t nervous at all, as he usually is, in his opening rounds. The summer hard courts really did him good, boosting his confidence and his vigour to play so dominantly and aggressively. The old Nadal would run himself ragged from the baseline, this fresher swan diving from his boat Nadal, looks to slice and dice out of trouble, taking the ball on the rise! There were some exceptional points as well, some amazing smashes and outside in forehand winners. Except his double faults, Rafa kept his unforced errors to a minimum, topping his victory with 28 winners 🙂 His return game needs to improve, but I guess he ups his level, in obligation to his opponent! But good fight from Ryan! The scoreline doesn’t do his fighting spirit justice! He’s just 21 and still has years of experience to gather!

Hot Shot of the Day: 😀

Overall, loved the match tonight! High level of agility and court coverage from Rafa, and some aggressive play too 🙂 Vamos to the next round 😀

Rafa: Just do it!

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6-2 5-7 6-2

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Rafa Nadal is always ready to battle. With that relentless spirit, never die attitude, and that congenital gift of willing himself to win, he makes winning look easy. And a battle was, what he got from young gun, Grigor Dimitrov. In all their previous meetings, Dimitrov had successfully managed to take a set off Rafa, mostly due to his excellent serving and returns, but also because Rafa makes uncharacteristic errors against him.
he first set was all Rafa, everywhere! Grigor played a fantastic opener, and held at love, and Rafa broke him in the very third game. Grigor was serving exceptionally well, and from the very get go, put Rafa’s serve under pressure, and judging by the looks he gave Rafa, and the easy cheap points he won by constantly dragging Rafa out wide on his backhand side, showed his new approach to facing top guys.But he would all of hold, one more game, and Rafa would run away with the first set, 6-2!
The momentum was there, and not, at the same time. Rafa held but there were far too many errors flying off both his forehand and backhand sides. When he broke Dimitrov, and was on serve to go up 5-3, he shanked a couple points away, and then Dimitrov stepped up and played smart tennis, to break Rafa’s serve. And since he was serving first throughout, he had the one break lead. When I thought Rafa would force a tiebreaker, he got broken again, and Dimitrov took the second set, 7-5. Obviously Rafa can’t be “on” all the time, and form ebbs and flows with all players, but what was alarming was his 13% points won, on second serve, which was unbelievable! But like all champions, he held his ground, and wait till you see the stats of set 3 😀
The third was a rinse repeat of the 1st set, and Rafa broke Dimitrov in the opening game to take an early lead of 2-0. Grigor, hung on to his serve till 3-2, with Rafa, pushing him and his serve to the brink.  Coupled with his class and unrelenting spirit, Rafa raced to a double break up for a 5-2 lead. At this point I was admittedly very very nervous, because Rafa has choked on match points in the past, and I shudder to think back to the fourth set of the semi finals at Roland Garros,but I was colmed when Rafa successfully held his serve to win the match!
Next up is the legend of the game himself, Roger Federer,in a quarter final clash! Irrespective of outcome, I cherish this rivalry! Fedal Forever 😀 For now, I am going to treat myself, and wait for the most anticipated match of the summer! #VamosRafa 🙂

Cincinnati: The Draw

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First order of business, Welcome back @rogerfederer 😀 He sure does look charged up to bring his best tennis to Cincinnati, as defending champion! Its good to hear that he’s pain free 🙂 #AllezRog

And once again, all the competition is on the right hand side of the maze, leaving Novak, with yet another cupcake draw! Rafa opens against Becker, who beat his doubles Lime half, Pablo Andujar, this evening. Rafa’s third round could be a potential clash against a very volatile baby Fed. The most anticipated in a long time will be the Quarters against Roger 🙂 #Fedalforever
Andy has a fairly easy draw, up until his quarters against Tomas Berdych, and it will be interesting to see how he and Rafa match up in the semis after more than a year of not having faced each other! Rafa’s on cloud 9, after that historic semi-final win over Novak, after 7 weeks out of competition, and having collected his 25th ATP Masters 1000 trophy. He seems to be at peace with himself, and seems elated at the thought of more competition, and more matches! There’s a lot of positive energy in his pressers, and I think he will draw from last week, and I hope he continues his aggressive play, irrespective of UFEs. Both tomorrow and day after, are predicted to be sunny, so thats a positive right there!
Historically Rafa has never done well at Cincy- so…never say never right?So fingers crossed Rafa! Have a good run 😀

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